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DUE Media Agency has been operating on the youth media market since 1993. Our company covers the whole country with its indoor tools by being present in primary, secondary and tertiary educational institutions. We can reach over 300,000 young people through our unique media tools in Hungary. The agency has developed a wide range of special media products by which students can be reached easily. Since this age group typically avoids advertisements, reaching them with traditionals tools is fairly difficult. The secret of our success and efficiency is that we address our target group by cooperating with opinion leaders and student journalists chosen from them.

The target group of DUE Media Agency is the youth. They are the future consumers, decision-makers and creators of present trends. At this certain age, they develop brand loyalty and this influences their consumption later in adulthood.



The youth can be addressed through such channels that differ from the white noise and which are authentic. For them, what matter the most is their peers’ opinions thus they are open to those newspapers, radio shows and programs which are made with their help. We believe that our clients’ requirements can be met through getting to know the target group thoroughly, getting in touch with them indirectly and using our clients’ resources efficiently.

We understand and speak the language of the youth. We know the way to their heart and we are willing to lead our clients in this direction.


 DUE Media Agency is in contact with approx. 500 primary, secondary and tertiary educational instituions. We can address more than 300,000 students with the help of our network tools. Our target group is people between the ages of 12 and 24 whom we can reach nationwide.

Medial Tools and Target Group

The uniqueness of our media tools lies within the fact that our media products are created by students supported by adult professionals.

DUE Tallózó – Youth Magazine

Published monthly during an academic year, this magazine offers a selection of the highest quality and the most remarkable articles from national student newspapers. We distribute this magazine free of charge in approx. 500 primary, secondary and tertiary schools.

DUE Radio – The National Student Radio Network

The National Student Radio Network has been operated by DUE Media Agency for more than 20 years. The network has approx. 220 schools as members nationwide.

DUE Online – Youth Media Portal

DUE Online is Hungary’s youth media portal which is the most important virtual meeting point of students with interests in the media, opinion leader student journalists and student radio presenters. It has around half a million visitors per year.

DUE Facebook – social media site

Posts on DUE’s social media site are followed by around 6,000 student journalists thus – through their acquaintances – we can reach about half a million young people through this channel.

The National Youth Press Festival

With a tradition of more than 20 years, The National Youth Press Festival is the largest annual meeting of student journalists and radio presenters.

Complex communication projects

With the proper combinations, our media tools create a synergy multiplying the effects of the media package. This is why we recommend complex unique, long-term projects in case of awareness-raising, brand building, or other broad scope campaigns.

The Great Student IQ Test

The Great Student IQ Test was arranged for the second time by DUE Media Agency in 2014. This unique test was prepared by Mensa HungarIQa and it is especially for people between the ages of 16 and 30. Apart from Hungary, only the United Kingdom has a similar intelligence survey among the youth such as this.


DUE Media Agency has an extraordianry experience in organising activities for students, mainly thematic competitons.These competitions gives young people to show their talents, skills and stand out among their fellows.

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